Company KRAYTEX has been operating on the textile market for over 18 years.

During such a long working period we have achieved great returns and gained the leading position in the Ivanovo region. We have established close and reliable business contacts with numerous large-scale Russian textile producers of raw material and ready-made goods, got steady business partners in many regions of Russia, countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia. Nowadays our company is a biggest producer of industrial fabrics and job fabrics (medical and work uniform). We produce a vast variety of printed, bleached, plain dyed and raw unbleached cotton sheeting, calico, waffle (cellular) cloth, flannel, diagonal weave, double warp, teak, tarpaulin with overall volume of over 45 million meters per year. We supply the fabrics and ready-made goods for the Russian rail ways, Russian army, also we have export supplies.

KRAYTEX has gradually been widening the products assortment by introducing new fabrics. All the fabrics produced undergo the compulsory quality control and thus conform to the existing State Quality Standards and Technical certificates.

KRAYTEX works with small- and large-scale customers. For the convenient clients’ service the warehouses are located near the office. The operation hours of the company: 9 a.m. till the last customer.

Among the KRAYTEX customers there are state and private companies, small-scale firms and large plants and mills. The fundamental principle of our cooperation with the customers is to establish trusting and trustworthy partners’ relationship and to achieve long-standing and mutually profitable collaboration.

We are aware of the rivalry on the textile market to be steadily growing. That is why our key priority is an individual attitude to every customer. Every client is offered a flexible discount system taking into consideration the amount, frequency and product assortment. For our company every customer is unique and special: there is a personal sales manager who takes into account the peculiarity of each buyer. An accumulated experience on the textile market has resulted in the corresponding production amount, assortment on demand and scheduled quantity of fabrics in the warehouses. KRAYTEX fabrics are processed in many textile fabrics of the Ivanovo region, it contributes to having any bulk order on time/within the shortest period of time.

We constantly increase the professionalism of our staff. We make sure that our products are up-to-date and on demand and competitive.

Comfort and efficiency of our service, as well as quality, availability and affordability of our goods ensure you a success.


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