We produce a vast variety of printed, bleached, plain dyed and raw unbleached cotton sheeting, calico, waffle (cellular) cloth, flannel, diagonal weave, double warp, teak, tarpaulin with overall volume of over 45 million meters per year.

KRAYTEX has gradually been widening the products assortment by introducing new fabrics. All the fabrics produced undergo the compulsory quality control and thus conform to the existing State Quality Standards and Technical certificates.

Annually we produce over 55 million running meters of cotton fabrics.

Product range of the company:

-          cotton fabrics for home textile and work wear (cotton sheeting, calico, flannel, tent duck, diagonal weave, tarpaulin)

-          toweling cloth (waffle (cellular) cloth)

-          raw and technical fabrics (double warp, diagonal waeve, teak, calico, baffetas, cotton sheeting)

KRAYTEX company has got an steady demand on our products and it constantly increases the number of business partners in various Russian regions, in the CIS countries, in Europe, we have got experience with export supplies.

Our main objective is to supply the Defense Ministry, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Penitentiary Service, Ministry of Railways, Russian Railways, sewing factories, textile wholesalers.

Our strategy is based on the following principles:

-          affordable prices

-          high quality

-          wide product range

We offer bulk and small wholesales practicing individual approach to every buyer. We do believe that timely, exact and efficient performance and supply of goods bring success and welfare.

United and well-consolidate team, professionalism and responsibility of our specialists contribute to our key competitive advantage – flexibility of production, individual approach to every customer and manufacture of competitive products of high quality. You can buy tarpaulin of high quality wholesale and at reasonable price at our warehouse!

Quality, availability and affordability of our products guarantee you a success. 


You can choose the items of interest in the assortment (order samples), as well as ask any question about prices, discounts, shares, certificates, terms of cooperation, delivery, etc. Our managers will promptly respond to your request.

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